About me

Few words about me. I know, that this is not a typical page of 3D Artist, and I didn`t think, that this page will become this kind of diary. So those, who are not interested in me and my life, please don`t read.


March 2001
My name is Patrik Marek. I was born on 9. August 1980 in Uherske Hradiste, Czech Republic. At the moment I`m working as a 3D Artist in Brno (Czech Republic). I started working with computer graphic in 1994 and it was with 3D Studio Relase 4.

Since that moment ,I was very interested in modelling. I tried to made various things. But most of all, I loved cars, and I wanted to model some of them. But at the begining It was very difficult to made such exact shapes, so I started with modelling of military vehicles ( various tanks, airplanes, eg.)

Four years ago, I started working in 3D Studio MAX 2, which seems to be more difficult, than classic 3DS R4, but It wasn`t. Now I`m working in 3DS MAX 3.1 and 3DS MAX 4.2

For modeling I`m using 3D Studio MAX 3.1 and Rhinoceros, which seems to be good for Industrial Design. I am also learning Mental Ray, which is really good render engine. My best renders such as LAV or Lancer are made with Mental Ray so look to my gallery.

In the last two months I`ve learned Rhinoceros, my Lancer took me a planty of time, but I am very sutisfied with the final model. Now I`m working on Subaru Impreza WRC - I`m going to make a collection of WRC Cars, so In the future, I will make Ford Focus WRC, Toyota Corolla, and finaly Skoda Octavia, becouse It is a Rally Car from my homeland.

July 2002
I`m modeling vehicles as a custom job. So If you cannot deal with sth. Maybe I could help. :) The Company I am working for is METLGRAFIX so don`t forget to look there. I made military stuff for them, but, I don`t forget to work on cars, which are my greatest hobby.

November 2002
I started account on TurboSquid. TS is a web, where you put your artworks, models, tutorials for sale. You could either buy or sell. There are a lot of categories, so you could easily fing, what do you need. I put there so far Lincoln Limousine and Lincoln Towncar. Soon I`ll finish a Lincoln Police car. I`m planning to put there mainly my racing cars, so hope, that I will sell some of them. I`m planning to make some collections there, like Military Hummers, World Rally Cars, DTM e.g.

January 2003
Year 2002 was really great for me. I moved definitly to Brno, where I work. I bought a new computer, so I can work home. I also stared with finalrender, which is in my oppinion better then Mental Ray, becouse It uses HDRImages (High Dynamic Range), which are really great for GI (Global Illumination). I`ve also started some new projects, which I will soon put here. But at the end of year, I became ill. I hope It will be good soon. I`m home for 2 months so far. But, at least I have time to work. I know, I have to relax, but, I have everytime many thing, I want to complete.

I finished Ford Focus WRC, so It`s first Car of a big collection : World Rally Cars, I`m planning to make. It will contain Ford Focus WRC, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII, Skoda Octavia WRC, Subaru Impreza `99, Subaru Impreza 2001, Toyota Corolla, and maybe Seat Cordoba WRC. This whole stuff will be for download on Turbosquid.

June 2005
Haven`t updated the pages for a long long time.. but there`s not enough time to do so. Btw. I`m planning new pages so it`s not necessary to Update.
But I wanted to announce something, to warn all the freelancers. The company
METLGRAFIX are CHEATERS who are not paying freelancers for their job. They owe me about $2,500.00 and I cannot get the money out of them. It`s a pitty, becouse I enjoyed working with them. The other problem with this company (the people behind are Rebecca Langsmith and Richard Langsmith) is selling MY MODELS on various servers.

So If you are about to work with either Richard Langsmith or METLGRAFIX.. beaware. If I will stop one customer from getting cheated.. It will be succes for me, that the company Metlgrafix haven`t cheated anyone else. So If you can, please write it to other freelancers, who might can be cheated as well.

My Computer for rendering

Intel Pentium 4, 3000 Mhz
GeForce 5900XT 256 MB

It`s quite good machine for 3D graphics. If you want to use GI in your scenes, you should have similar one