Here you can see my Turbosquid works, which are available for sale.
Caddy The new cadillac CTS-V one of the most powerfull serial made cars in the United States
Lancer Mitsubishi Lacer EVO VI is first of probbably final cars in the game. It will came up with three skins and that is: normal street car version, World Rally Championship car and a Police Car.
Spitfire Supermarine Spitfire Mk I.A is one of the most famous aircraft from WWII. This is Royal Air Force version.
Opel Astra DTM Deutshe Touringwagen Meisterschaft Opel Astra is another racing car from mine production.
Ford Focus Ford Focus WRC is another World Rally Car. It is made only in 3D Studio MAX with modeling from Box. It`s the first picture in Gallery rendered in finalrender
LAV-III LAV-III is another highly detailed military model. It was made in 3DStudio MAX only. I used maps with dirt to look more realistic
HEMTT HEMTT is my second custom job model. It is highly detailed. It was made in 3DStudio MAX only. There was no need of Rhinoceros
Seagrave FT Seagrave Fire Truck is one of my first custom job models. It was made in Rhinoceros and 3DStudio MAX.
Lancer EVO VI Lancer is my second car done in Rhinoceros, and it is one of my best models so far. Now I think, that I am able to model any of nowadays cars. We will see.
Audi TT This is my first car ever done in Rhinoceros, it is made following tutorial, which I have in Tutorials section. It was quite easy, and on this I have learned basics of Rhinoceros.
Skoda Octavia Skoda Octavia is my first car done in 3D Studio MAX. To create it I have chosen a strange metod, which I have written in my Tutorial on Skado Fabia. It is one of the possible ways how to make a car, but there are better possibilities, than that.
MLRS Multiple Launching Rocket System. I have allways wanted to model it. But then I added some detailes, so the model grow. Now it has about 200 000 polygons.
AH64-D Apachee Ah-64D Apachee. Famous american helicopter modelled also in 3DS MAX R2. Also with many details. I tryed some new techniques with textures here.
Hummer Military Hummer. I have allways loved it. It is modelled in 3DS MAX R2, and it`s my first model in it.I tryed to made as many details as possible, so there is texture only on front lights, and a camouflage.


So, that`s some of my artworks in 3D Graphic. I`m still learning. Everything needs a time, so be patient with your own works. If you have something, what would you like to see in my gallery, just mail me, and If I will be interested, I will make it.