Welcome on my pages devoted to 3D Studio MAX and Rhinoceros. All models posted here are my own. I will not submit my models for free download, at least not the best of my models. Using my Guestbook you can leave me a message, or just short greeting, but please don`t type questions or some spam. I build this pages for people, who wants to know something about 3D Graphics. I will not answer them. You can also write my on my email.
I will not have a time to translate tutorials so Skoda Fabia Tutorial will stay in Czech Language. If I`ll make another tutorial, I`ll try to make it in English.

If somebody will tranlsate the tutorial instead of me. Send it and I`ll post it.



05/09/02 Opened account on www.the3dstudio.com - one of the cheapest models around the internet
05/09/02 Added Cadillac CTS-V gallery. I haven`t updated quite a while so here is something new
05/06/28 Beaware of company METLGRAFIX or people Richard and Rebecca Langsmith ... more
04/01/27 MAJOR UPDATE adden Opel Astra DTM, Spitfire Mk I.A, Skoda 130RS, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI
03/12/11 Finished Astra DTM model. Still working on Astra DTM gallery page.
03/01/11 Do you want work ong freeware game. Please visit www.racer.euweb.cz for info and details
03/01/29 Added TurboSquid section under gallery.
03/01/26 Added Ford Focus WRC gallery. Pages updated. Also changed about me page, to somekind of diary.
02/11/20 Started an account on TurboSquid, where will I put most of my models for sale.

Added LAV-III gallery, animation of work-in-progress (DivX 5 Pro). Changed links pages and about me.

02/04/09 Added HEMTT gallery.
02/03/28 Added Seagrave Fire Truck gallery. Some small changes.
01/08/07 10 New models added. Lancer EVO VI render added.
01/07/24 New Project Started. Some small changes in design.
01/07/03 Added animation of spinning Lancer (DivX MPEG4)
01/06/26 Links page updated
01/06/17 Mitsubishi Lancer Gallery added
01/06/15 Gallery , about me, tutorials pages replaced by new
01/06/14 New Design Started
01/02/07 Test render on Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI added
00/08/21 Added some new images.
00/04/01 Pages founded, with old design.

Work in progress

You can see, that I have many work-in-progress (These are of course not all meshes I have in progress). I`m not a type of person, who has one work in progress and doesn`t start any new, util he finishes one he is working on.

Skoda Octavia WRC , World Rally version of the Skoda Octavia. I will make it from the Octavia RS model or RS version from WRC and I will put them both on TurboSquid, where you could buy them.
Skoda Octavia RS , sport version of the nicest Czech made car. Hope this will be one of my best models. I hope to finish it as soon as possible.
Subaru Impreza WRC is a third car of my WRC collection.I am a big fan of rally. So this model can not be missing. I hope to finish it as soon as possible.